Don’t start celebrating just yet, Republicans

The dynamics of the election are also different in an important way. Dr. Brian Calfano, a political science professor at Missouri State University, recently explained it like this: “Fully half of the Democratic seats in 1994 were in districts that had voted for the Republican presidential ticket in one or both of the previous two presidential elections. This time, just one third of democratic seats are in that kind of danger. All of this is to say that it remains too early to make any kind of accurate prediction about how these midterms are going to turn out for the two major parties.”

The polls have also started to move Democrats way, and should continue to move their way after the nascent Dem advertising campaigns begin in full swing…

Democrats are also up against a bunch of Mini-Me’s in the House, who are trying in vain to imitate the giants of the 1994 Republican Revolution. John Boehner is no Newt Gingrich, who was supported by savvy lieutenants like Dick Armey and Tom DeLay. Today, the GOP released their Pledge to America, their rip-off of the popular and galvanizing 1994 Contract with America.

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