Aw: Most billionaires are monogamous, married to first spouse

You can count on two hands the number of Forbes 400 members who fit that stereotype. Billionaires are fairly monogamous. Fewer than 100 people on the rich list have been married more than once. Fewer than 20 are on a third wife. The elite four-wife club, which offers the best chance to marry someone 30 years younger, has 6 members.

We ran the numbers on three- and four-wifers. The data suggest that billionaires of a certain age, 55 and over, who divorce often tend to remarry women close to their age (see charts below). Ted Turner is the paragon of age-appropriateness. He married a woman his own age all three times. Even Ronald Perelman, whose marriages collapse more often than a Chinese coal mine, is not a May-December guy. More like September-December. Of Perelman’s four wives, not one was more than 12 years his junior.

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