The quiet war: Palin vs. Huckabee

till, the frequency with which the two social conservatives have found themselves on opposite sides in primaries has fueled speculation that one or the other is trying to put some distance between them, since their presidential hopes may be tied to the other one’s not running.

“There’s room for one ‘outsider’ social conservative in the GOP primaries,” noted one GOP campaign official…

“Our campaign, myself included, was more than a bit surprised that Sarah would endorse Branstad,” said Vander Plaats, a favorite among Iowa’s grass-roots conservatives. “If she prided herself in going rogue and endorsing the conservative candidate or tea party candidate, we just didn’t see Branstad fitting that mold at all.”

“Was she doing that because Huckabee endorsed me? Did she do that because a poll showed Branstad winning in Iowa?” asked the still-puzzled former gubernatorial candidate. “She seems to be all over the board. I think Huckabee has shown a lot of consistency in his endorsements.”

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