Watch your back, Sarah!

On Friday, O’Donnell arrived at the Omni Shoreham like a conquering hero.

O’Donnell was as riveting as Palin only much easier to track and better syntax. In homage to the master’s death panels, she took out after “unelected panels of bureaucrats” who decide who “is just too old, or too expensive to be worth saving.” She added a riff about Big Brother. “They’ll buy your teenage daughter an abortion but they won’t let her buy a sugary soda in a school’s vending machine.” She got the audience chanting on cue: “Will they [the elites] attack us? Yes… Is it worth it? “Yes,” Is freedom worth it? “Yes,” and so on. Think of Palin in her Valentino silk suit accepting the vice presidential nomination in St. Paul in 2008. A star was born. Political stars rise and fall more quickly than Lady Gaga overtakes Madonna. O’Donnell might want to rent All About Eve herself. It ends with the ingenue Harrington having achieved stardom returning home to find a young fan waiting for her. Before long, the clone of Eve is posing in front of the mirror in Eve’s wrap clutching her award, with dreams of it all being hers some day.

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