Murtha may be gone but his horrible pork legacy remains

And people wonder why the Tea Party is doing swell and milquetoast establishment centrist candidates such as Mike Castle of Delaware are getting their asses kicked finally? The earmarks above are more than annoying. Given the military trappings of the funding sources, they’re obscene. We’ve got an army that was in recent memory sent to actual wars without proper equipment (can anyone forget Donald Rumsfeld’s grotesque hand-washing of responsibility for properly outfitting the military in Afghanistan and Iraq?). And yet we’re capable of building million-dollar sarcophaguses to fat dead old men?

Screw you, buddy, I sez! Suddenly, Christine O’Donnell’s anti-masturbation views are making more and more sense, especially if she keeps her pledge not to jerk off taxpayers like the bums currently pounding the pork in D.C.