Poll: Bush still takes most of blame for bad economy

Great Deal/Moderate Amount of Blame for U.S. Economic Problems — George W. Bush and Barack Obama, 2009-2010 Trend

More specifically, the Aug. 27-30 USA Today/Gallup poll finds 24% of Americans blaming Obama a great deal for the current economic problems, 24% a moderate amount, 25% not much, and 26% not at all. By contrast, 37% blame Bush a great deal, compared with 10% assigning him no blame.

Bush fares poorly on this measure partly because a relatively high proportion of Republicans — 48% — blame him a great deal or moderate amount, as do most Democrats (89%) and independents (73%). By contrast, relatively few Democrats, 19%, blame Obama. These patterns are consistent with Gallup’s findings on the same question in April.