Are conservative feminists playing the sexism card?

In my estimation, this is exactly the wrong tack to take, and is patently unconservative. Conservatives are rugged individuals who pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Crying sexism certainly isn’t conservative, especially when the criticism is fair. Sadly, it appears some “conservative” ladies have learned from the left that if you cry discrimination, you can change the subject, and undermine even legitimate questions and concerns. (Meanwhile, these ladies have no problem accusing their adversaries of lacking “cojones” or telling them to get their “man pants on.”)

It’s also funny to note how Thompson refers to the “Beltway Boys” who are attacking O’Donnell. Fred Thompson, of course, was a U.S. senator, as well as a high-priced lobbyist. At the risk of being accused of playing the class warfare card myself, this strikes me as more than just a little bit hypocritical.