Another big primary night for Palin

The primary night victories aside, the important question looking toward November is, of course, can these candidates win the general election? With Palin’s biggest win, O’Donnell, the answer seems to be a resounding no. She is widely seen as too conservative for the state’s moderate electorate, and even Karl Rove acknowledged she can’t beat the Democrat, New Castle County Executive Chris Coons. Before O’Donnell’s upset, the GOP was counting on Delaware as reliable win and a chance to capture the Senate majority.

Palin’s other endorsees have mixed chances: Duffy looks strong ahead of Democratic State Senator Julie Lassa, but he has already been targeted by ads put up by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee before Labor Day. Grimm will be in a tough but competitive race against incumbent Rep. Michael McMahon, and he’s hoping Palin will even come out to Staten Island to campaign for him. Gomez is going up against Democratic Rep. Steve Israel, who is considered safe.