GOP cautiously optimistic for Castle win tonight

Republican National Committeewoman Priscilla Rakestraw, who has been working the phones on Castle’s behalf, and who spoke to 300 potential voters at the Academy of Life-Long Learning Thursday, said she believed O’Donnell’s momentum has sputtered over the past few days due to the heightened scrutiny surrounding her record.

“The phones this afternoon and tonight, were totally different. People were much more willing to talk and much more forthcoming. Democrats were even asking how they could help, and I told them to call their Republican friends,” Rakestraw said late Monday, predicting an 8-point victory for Castle. “The mood seems different.”…

He projected that if turnout draws 30 percent of the state’s 180,000 registered Republicans, the former two-term governor and nine-term congressman would win by 8 to 12 percentage points. If turnout just breaks 20 percent, he believes Castle’s margin will shrink to 4 to 6 points, but said he would survive.