Rahm’s not a shoo-in for mayor

What exactly is Rahm’s constituency? Refugees from Wilmette? What can he offer aldermen to gain their support? What does anyone gain from Rahm running? Where dies his organization come from? Daley used the Hispanic Democratic org for a while but what can Rahm do to get them to hit the streets for him?

As they say here, “don’t send nobody nobody sent.” And who sent him? Barack? As if the president is going to get mixed up in Chicago politics – that’ll make him look good to the rest of the country. He has no (as they used to say here in an offensive way) Chinaman, that is, sponsor…

Furthermore he’s run for political office exactly once – in the 5th where he was a shoo-in for a lot of reasons at that particular time. There is no evidence that he’s a campaigner, that he’d be able to respond effectively to the sorts of nasty nasty things that will be said about him if he runs, and last but not least he isn’t considered a Chicagoan by those of us who are. He’s hardly lived in the city and is from Wilmette a tony North Shore suburb.

My belief is that if he runs he’ll come in near the rear of a large field. He might like the idea but I think he’ll find the execution next to impossible.