Jews for Palin!

Korn is a longtime friend of Jeremy Ben- Ami, executive director of the left-wing, twoyear- old, pro-Israel, pro-peace group, J Street, who refers to Korn by his nickname. “If ‘Buddy’ Korn is able to pull together enough Jews who are publicly willing to support Sarah Palin that he could form a minyan (prayer quorum of ten), more power to him,” Ben-Ami writes in an e-mail to The Jerusalem Report…

Korn tells The Report that he is busy “assembling the components” of his new organization for which he hopes to have 50 board members and several chapters formed around the country. As of mid-August, he still had less than two dozen board members and was not ready to announce any chapters. A number of his board members joined in the final days of July, as the advertising war in a pivotal Pennsylvania Senate race heated up. That’s when Korn announced several new members to his advisory board. Tellingly, the majority are Pennsylvanian businesspeople.

“We haven’t focused on building the board so much. We’re working under battlefield conditions and must handle the pressing needs first,” Korn says, noting that the organization has already “established itself as an advocate for Palin” and gained what he refers to as “significant media attention.” He underlines the fact that he is launching this organization “out of our garage” and acknowledges that some people he’s asked to join his board have turned him down. “Some can’t get involved politically, and others say it’s just not their cup of tea.”