Why Gingrich has no chance

Gingrich is partly undone by his proclivity to veer toward the un-presidential. He has always been provocative. But Gingrich’s charge against the “Ground Zero mosque” led even jaded Beltway insiders to wince. Gingrich compared Islam to Nazis, as if Islam attacked New York on September 11. No less than Pat Buchanan, a conservative granddaddy of wedge politics, described Gingrich as a “political opportunist” on MSNBC…

Yet Gingrich seems unable to refrain from overplaying his hand. Gingrich told a foreign newspaper last year, the Jerusalem Post, that President Obama’s engagement toward Iran was a “fantasy” and “very dangerous for Israel.” Gingrich knows that traditionally “politics ends at the water’s edge.” He argued precisely that during the Bush era, as recently as 2007 on Fox News.

That’s also Gingrich’s problem. Not any one statement of hypocrisy. But that he has come to be defined by it. Coburn’s veiled reference to Gingrich’s three divorces makes the point. Gingrich had an affair while leading the GOP effort to impeach Bill Clinton for lying about an affair. He helped push one speaker out in disgrace only to be forced to resign, amid his own ethical imbroglio and electoral failings.