Iraq: Never again

I get it. On his list of campaign promises, the president wants to check the box next to “responsibly get us out of Iraq” and quickly move on.
But for me, that’s not enough. I want to hear about first principles from him – principles that determine when we go to war. I want to hear about fact-based decision-making – why we go to war. I want to hear about smart planning and contingency planning and choosing competent people to lead us into, and out of, potential quagmires. In short, I want to know I can once again trust my government…

This is fantasy, I know. Nobody likes to look back. Everyone likes to look forward. It’s how elections are won. But I for one hope to hear from the president that lessons have been learned about managing and fighting terrorism and wars; about the best ways to change hearts, minds and societies, even if they are slow and gradual; about the emotional and economic tolls of war without end.