Ten questions with Greg Gutfeld

8.) How do you find all those great random videos? Do you have a fleet of interns scanning the web?

No, we don’t have any interns. We do all our own stuff. One of our assistant producers is always looking for stuff. The key is those things are out there. You just need to find them first. We do a pretty good job of doing that.

Here’s the trick, and this is something that I learned at Stuff magazine: if you just pick four random words and you plug them into YouTube you will get whatever you want. So if you say, let’s say you type “fat guy tutu peanut-butter.” Put that into YouTube you are going to find a fat guy smeared with peanut butter wearing a tutu. You can try that with any four terms. You could say, “chimp, bicycle, whipped cream, cowboy hat.” Put that in YouTube and you will find a chimp wearing a cowboy hat on a bicycle squirting whipped cream all over — I don’t know — himself.

9.) Well I know what I’m doing later tonight, but moving along, here is a lame question, but I am curious. Who have been your favorite guests?

I hate answering that because I worry I am going to hurt the feelings of the people I don’t mention. But I mean obviously you know the ones because they are always on. I mean I’m always happy to see Jim Norton in the Green Room — he just has such a pleasant smile. He’s got the smile of somebody who just moved into your community who isn’t really allowed to leave his home. But I like Joe Derosa, Lauren Sivan is pretty awesome, Kimberly Guilfoyle, I love her … I like Tucker Carlson when he decides to do the show.