Harry Reid's strategy: Just win, baby

“The only approval rating that counts is the one on Nov. 2, OK?” Reid told POLITICO outside a local community center when asked why he has not been able to turn around his low approval ratings.

It’s called winning ugly, and it’s an approach Reid is at peace with as he seeks a fifth term under the worst imaginable political conditions.

Reid is trying to make the case that the state can’t afford to lose him, citing his power as Senate majority leader and the projects he has delivered throughout the state. Yet his campaign has largely been focused on the foibles of his GOP opponent – Sharron Angle – and the theme that the tea party favorite holds “dangerous” policy positions…

“She’s been in the state a long time – does she give me any credit for the 20 good years we just had?” Reid said in an interview. “If she’s blaming me for what’s wrong now, shouldn’t I get credit for the 20 years I was back there and we did so well?”