Hey, Harry Reid: Stop patronizing Hispanics

To substantiate his repugnant argument that Hispanics should be one-party voters, Reid slammed Republicans in Congress for allegedly blocking immigration reform.

I say “allegedly” because what Reid said wasn’t true. With so few seats in Congress, Republicans don’t have the power to block much of anything as evidenced by their humiliating defeats on health care reform and, most recently, approving a new and massive $26 billion stimulus package – nearly half of which will go to save teachers’ jobs and keep teachers’ unions happy. Instead, those of us who followed the immigration debate closely in 2006 and 2007 know that, in fact, it was Reid and other Senate Democrats – including a freshman named Barack Obama – who killed promising immigration reform legislation at the behest of their patrons in organized labor. While fine with legalizing the undocumented since they see them as future members, unions oppose any bill that includes GOP-friendly language calling for guest workers.

Harry Reid can wonder all he wants about why any Hispanic could be a Republican. I’ve been wondering something myself: In light of such flagrant condescension and an obvious lack of regard, why would any self-respecting Hispanic – in Nevada or anywhere else – support Harry Reid?