Poll: Obama 46, Basil Marceaux 21

In a direct head to head between Obama and Romney the President leads 45-42 so Paul as a third party candidate could be worth roughly 3 points to Obama’s margin of victory.

Poll after poll after poll we conduct about who Republican voters prefer for their party’s 2012 nominate finds Paul in single digits. If he really wants to get his issues out there on the national stage a third party bid may be the only way to do it and in a political climate where voters are disgusted with both parties people may be more receptive than they usually would.

Down the line Obama is doing better in this month’s 2012 poll, leading every match up after trailing in most of them a month ago. Romney and Mike Huckabee come the closest, both down by three points. It’s a 47-44 contest against Huckabee. Obama leads Sarah Palin 49-43, Newt Gingrich 49-42, and Chris Christie 47-31.