Newest candidates for public office: Bloggers!

The group of 20 candidates includes 15 who are running for state House or Senate and four seeking municipal office. Only Slate’s Mickey Kaus, who mounted a primary challenge to California Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer, sought a post in the federal government. Steve Hickey, a South Dakota pastor and blogger, entered his state’s race for an at-large congressional district seat before withdrawing in February to run for a state House seat. Also on the list: 10 Democrats, seven Republicans, two independents and one candidate who is competing in a nonpartisan school board election.

They’re not the first bloggers to run for office; and, if successful, they won’t be the first to win: Bloggers hold city council seats in Macon, Ga.; Pepper Pike, Ohio; Newburyport, Mass.; Asheville, N.C.; and Beverly Hills, Calif.