The quiet man

As he explores a potential presidential run, Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty has been branded with the “too conventional” label so many times that it’s already become a cliché. But Pawlenty insists he’s not as boring as many pundits have made him out to be.

“I think if people get to know me better, it’s just not true,” the second-term Republican said in a phone interview with RealClearPolitics between meetings in St. Paul. “But the other response I have is: compared to who? There may be some more people who are dramatically more entertaining, but probably aren’t getting elected. And there are some people who are, you know, serious candidates. I would say, which one of those is a barrel of laughs or somehow in a different league as far as excitement?”…

“I think Sarah Palin is somebody who has got a lot of talent and I think is very important to the conservative movement,” he said. “I think she’s been a successful leader and I think she’s got a very bright future in front of her. And I think she is electable.”