Let's lower the voting age to 10

Imagine a phalanx of fresh-faced yet fierce 13-year-olds (like those on my daughter’s middle school debate team) shaming the adults with the following, for starters:

— Is it really a national priority to borrow billions more from us to keep taxes for the best-off 2 percent of Americans lower than they were during the Clinton boom, when we’re in the midst of two wars and already piling up trillions in fresh debt?

— Why are you handing off to us a system of decaying bridges, roads, sewers and airports? Doesn’t it embarrass you that you’ve decided you prefer to devote the resources for such investments to your own current consumption?

— Even if you’re not sure whether global warming is man-made or potentially fatal, wouldn’t it be prudent to put a high price on carbon to force us toward a green energy economy, just in case the worst turns out to be true? What will you tell us if you leave behind a scorched planet? “Sorry, kids, you had to be there — the interest-group politics were really tough”?