Finally: The Barack Obama astrology analysis

Leos like Bill, Barack and I are known to astrology as men who “are born to lead and guide others.” We’re the kind of guys who “can guide, direct, communicate and teach other people in an aristocratic manner.”

Once again, the uncanny accuracy of the portrait shakes the skepticism of those who doubt the validity of astrology. Even on the downside, the astrologers seem to get it right. That same astrological profile that singled out the better angels of our natures also took note of the possibility that Leo men “may falter and commit some glaring mistakes in the haste of getting their work done in double quick time.” Doesn’t that sound a little like the way our current Leo-in-chief handled the Shirley Sherrod episode? I wouldn’t have faltered in that way, of course, but then I’m a July Leo, and we’re generally known to be more judicious than August Leos. Sexier, too, as a rule. The quality of your average Leo tends to decline as the calendar moves toward Virgo, a group of people generally seen by astrologers as fussy and narrow-minded. Ivan the Terrible was a Virgo, and so is Amy Winehouse, so what does that tell you?