Note to liberal demagogues: It's not about race

For decades, leading liberals explained white concerns about urban upheaval, crime, welfare, school bussing, affirmative action and more recently, illegal immigration, as rooted in racism. Not safer streets or safer schools. Not working class whites concerned that they were paying for things so others wouldn’t have to. Not job competition or economic class. Instead, liberals constantly saw the color of the issue as the issue.

Ironically, this healthcare debate is far less racially loaded than welfare or affirmative action. Yet still it’s explained in racial tones…

The same fringe on the right that dogged Clinton dogs Obama – just as the fringe on the left hounded George W. Bush for eight years with an unseemly obsession. It’s not race. It’s our politics.

It’s also about a whirlwind that always hurts liberals in the end. Many liberals still presume whites politics are racist rather than reasonable. Pretty soon, many whites stop listening to liberals. And in time, the overuse of the race card dulls the impact of the charge itself.

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