Thanks for stumping for my dad, Sarah

For me, I respect and appreciate Sarah Palin’s involvement with my father’s reelection campaign—especially because he is running against a Tea Party candidate. The former Alaska governor is an icon of that movement and she still chose to endorse my father. Much like my father’s campaign workers, I experienced a weird disconnect this weekend, thinking that so many things have changed in the past 18 months and then again so many things have not…

On the other hand, I wonder whether this obsession with McCain-Palin: The Sequel says more about the current administration and the Democrats’ holding power in Washington. When audiences saw the 2008 ticket reunited this weekend, they were once again energized by a 30-year veteran of the Senate and a relative newcomer to the national stage, a woman who represents the future of conservative politics to many. I think people got excited because in my father and Sarah Palin they see the best of both Republican worlds.

And they still love what they see.

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