Palin to media: Quit making things up

“When we talk about fighting for our country, let’s clear the air right now about what we’re talking about,” she told an estimated 20,000 tea partiers gathered for a rally in a windswept desert lot about four miles north of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s tiny hometown. “We’re not inciting violence. Don’t get sucked into the lame-stream media lies.”…

Palin, though, told Saturday’s crowd that “when I talk about it’s not a time to retreat, it’s a time to reload,” she was “trying to inspire people to get involved in their local elections and these upcoming federal elections… it’s telling people that their arms are their votes.”

Palin called said the apparent link between threats against Democrats and the tea party movement was “not true. It’s a bunch of bunk.” Addressing a media riser behind the crowd, Palin, a contributor to FOX News, said “we ask for some fair and balanced reporting coming from you.”