Pelosi: A woman speaker is better at forging "the psychology of consensus"

Asked for her reaction to the way she has been vilified by opponents of the bill, she cited the signs that say “Stop Madam Speaker” and with a coy smile suggested that protesters may have something other than respect in mind by using her honorary title. Pressed to explicitly say whether she thought the attacks on her are motivated by sexism, she declined, but added, “I couldn’t care less about what they say…What’s lower than a nano? That’s the interest that I have.” She considers the opposition she arouses from critics to be a badge of honor, something she can capitalize on for fundraising purposes even as the Republicans raise money by demonizing her…

In just this Congress, the house has passed health-care reform twice, climate change legislation, and financial reform, all what Pelosi calls “heavy lifts.” Asked what it is about her leadership that has been so successful, she talked about “the psychology of consensus,” and how it is a feature of a woman-led House. She works the Democratic caucus like a kaleidoscope, turning the dial this way or that, so different members fall into place. “I don’t ever use the word ‘deal,’ ” she told reporters.

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