Rebranding: Should the GOP change its name to the Conservative Party?

Let’s face it: Politics is all about marketing and message spinning (just ask our current president). A name change from the Republican Party to the Conservative Party offers a perfect rebranding opportunity from toxic Republican to welcoming Conservative.

Concerned about the negative effects of a name change?

Let’s examine some of the most successful.

* In 1997 “Backrub” became “Google.”
* “Brad’s Drink” in 1909 became “Pepsi Cola” and in 1961 rebranded again as “Pepsi.”
* “Auction Web” became “e-Bay”
* “RadarOven” begot “Microwave.”
* “Stag Party” turned “Playboy.”
* Here you can find more amusing examples of “the power of a name change.”

So if “Backrub” can become “Google,” how hard would it be for the Republican Party to morph into the Conservative Party, especially when 40 percent of all adults already identify with conservative views, verses only 24.4 percent for the Republican moniker?