Neverending campaign is truly never ending

I spent nearly two years on the road with Obama (and the rest of the 2008 candidates) and today’s rally at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia made me feel as if I’d jumped in the Hot Tub Time Machine. I was practically waiting for Obama to offer his most prized stump line from fall 2008, which went something like this in Jacksonville, or Las Vegas, or Evansville, Indiana: “We are less than two days away from bringing about change in America.”

The crowd of an estimated 8,500 was boisterous, screaming their love for Obama, chanting his signature “Yes we can!” and “Fired up, ready to go.” People wore Obama t-shirts and as he entered the arena there were thousands of camera flashes clicking all at once. It was just like 2008 as he took the stage. The president knew it, talking several times about his historical campaign.