Scandal: Is the Domino's pizza tracker a fraud?

“The Tracker is a fraud,” claimed one pizza eater who requested anonymity. In a rambling online post, the man insisted that, despite the tracker’s insistence that his pizza had been successfully baked and cooked to perfection, Domino’s had left numerous messages on his voicemail explaining that his order could not be filled because the store had run out of dough.

“If DPT were legit, shouldn’t there be some message to say, ‘Hey we can’t make your pizza,’ instead of telling me Jeff is putting my pizza in the oven and its out for delivery with Jay?” he asked.

Another blogger watched in horror as the Tracker informed him that his order – which consisted entirely of soda bottles – had been “placed in the oven.”

“Is this really patent-pending technology? I didn’t know you could patent bullshit,” he said. “Did you actually place my bottles of Diet Coke in the oven?”

Tim McIntyre, the vice president of communications at Domino’s, insisted that his company had not patented bullshit.

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