Good news: Iran developing "massive" missile launch site

The defense intelligence group said the appearance of the launcher suggests assistance from North Korea, also that it may be intended to launch the Simorgh, a long-range missile unveiled in early February and officially intended to be used as a space-launch vehicle (SLV).

Both the missile and the launch pad, which according to Jane’s is large enough to accommodate it, point to cooperation from Pyongyang; SLV’s can be converted to be used as long-range ballistic missiles for military purposes…

After analyzing images of the missile, Inbar said that it appeared to currently be powered by liquid fuel, but could one day be configured to work with a solid fuel propellant, a technology that the Iranians have already begun using in their Sajil ballistic missile, which has a range of around 2,500 km.

‘This is a major technological breakthrough and could mean that the Iranians are on their way to obtaining an ICBM,’ he said.