Gulp: Dems gain two votes on ObamaCare?

Are Democrats having their best health-care day in quite some time? Oddly enough, maybe. Today, it appears they’ve picked up two votes for THEIR effort to pass health-care. First, Rep. Nathan Deal (R) announces his resignation today to concentrate on his bid for Georgia governor. And with Deal’s retirement, that means there are 431 House members, so the magic number to pass health care in the House is now 216 votes, down from last week’s 217. Second, in Arkansas, Lt. Gov. Bill Halter (D) today announced he’s launching a primary challenge against Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D). While Arkansas isn’t Pennsylvania — where Joe Sestak’s primary has pushed Arlen Specter to the left — Halter’s challenge probably ensures that Lincoln ends up voting for reconciliation, assuming that Lincoln wants to remain in the Senate.