Evan Bayh on 2012: "This is a Ross Perot moment"

This is, in some ways, another–for lack of a better phrase, “a Ross Perot
moment.” You remember back then, the deficit was unsustainably high. The
economy was struggling. People had a sense that Washington was just broken,
and they looked for someone from completely outside the system. So, you know,
let me be clear. I support the president. I think he is making a major
effort, and I’m going to do what I can to help him succeed. But just my
political take on it, I think–I think David is–he’s on to something.
Particularly, Charlie, if the–if the economy does not improve and if we were
to, as we were discussing on your show the last time, if these deficits and
increasing debt are just allowed to run, and you get a reaction in the global
credit markets that causes a collapse of the dollar or a dramatic run up-in
interest rates, you know, that could be the kind of thing that, in spite of
everyone’s efforts, would really galvanize public opinion against everyone in
Washington, regardless of party.