Crist campaign mocks Rubio for CPAC speech

Since my campaign began, I’ve had the privilege of becoming the latest cover boy. Ask my lobbyist colleagues — I’m a capitalist (at least when it comes to benefiting financially while claiming to serve the people of Florida). And, capitalizing on that wave, I have successfully painted myself as a political outsider. Our success in convincing voters that I am a new voice in Florida politics is surprising even to me. It seems that people are quick to forget (and I certainly won’t remind them!) that I was elected to the Florida House of Representatives in 2000 and rose through the Republican leadership ranks to become the Speaker of the Florida House. All of this by a spry 36.

I owe most of my recent success from a single photograph. I say, “Image is everything” — and luckily, I found a photo with the governor of Florida greeting the president of the United States. And presto! Instant candidacy for moi!