Kevin Smith to Southwest Air: Admit that I'm not too fat

But what director Kevin Smith really wants is for someone from Southwest Airlines to acknowledge that he is not, in fact, too fat to fly.

Smith was removed from a flight from Oakland to Burbank on Saturday night due to the company’s “Customer of Size” policy, which requires passengers “that can not fit safely and comfortably in one seat” to purchase an additional seat. Southwest later apologized to Smith and issued him a refund, but the filmmaker behind movies such as “Clerks” and “Dogma” remains furious that he was asked to leave the plane at all.

“You guys screwed up, SWA; why’s it so hard to own up to it?” Smith wrote Monday night on his blog. “Now I’m gonna carry this Too Fat To Fly shit around like herpes for the rest of my life, and it was never even true.”