Damn, Allahpundit is a Chamberlain-esque RINO jackass

I’m hardly the first to make this point, but I’ll be damned if I ever forget it. Weren’t we proselytized by the politically savvy Republican moderates that nominating McCain would appeal to Independents, broaden the reach of the Republicans who had so often been tarred as rigid reactionaries? What happened? All the prominent moderates and Independents we were pandering to endorsed and voted for Obama. I mean, if there’s hardly any difference between the Dem and the Repub, all the kudos go to endorsing the Dem. Hell, I’m not even certain that McCain voted for McCain. I know his damn daughter didn’t.

It better not be that easy next time. And the AllahPundits of this world had better think up a new schtick for the next election cycle. Because the old one keeps reminding me of Neville Chamberlain.

Sorry, Allah. Sorry, Ed, Sorry, Michelle. I know you’re making money by covering the whole waterfront with seemingly disparate positions that add up to Republican diversity. But there can be no acceptable diversity when what’s at stake is our country. That’s not a polling kerfuffle. For most of us, the ones who don’t make our living posturing about who’s up and who’s down today, it’s a bitterly real question of whether we get to live the rest of our lives free or as slaves of the state. If the Independents can’t figure that out in spite of your temporizing, well, screw-em. Sometimes a smaller tent is more attractive — because it seems more of an accomplishment to get into. That’s the paradox.