The GOP's doing better with women than you might think

The women most behind Democrats—women of color, college educated women, single and young women—are all a growing share of the electorate.

But Republicans’ ranks are hardly without women.
Republicans have won roughly a third of Hispanic women in the last three presidential races — worth noting, though nothing to brag about. GOP women are indeed, even more than men, overwhelmingly white.

Republican women are also more likely to be married, more likely to not work outside the home and more likely to not live in an urban area. It is a bloc of voters that is literally furthest from the political class — meaning not highly represented in the DC-New York City corridor (unless Staten Island is included).

But Democrats cannot afford to ignore these women. More white women currently disapprove of Obama’s job performance than approve, 48 to 45 percent respectively, according to Gallup polling. Last year, Obama made gains with white men compared to Al Gore. But Obama fared worse than Gore with white women. As for the much-discussed white suburban women’s vote, they went to McCain.