Oh my: Fox News fact-checks Palin

At a media-free event Friday in Wisconsin, Palin raised questions about the design of the presidential $1 coins, implying that someone in government was trying to downplay “In God We Trust” on the coins’ design. She noted that the motto had been moved from the center of the coin’s face to the outer rim (see photo). “It’s a disturbing trend,” Palin said. “Who makes a call like that?”…

But Palin either did not know or did not mention that the same year the coin was introduced, Congress had voted to move “In God We Trust” to the face of the dollar coin. The change, an amendment to H.R. 2764, became law on Dec. 26, 2007. Beginning with the 2009 coin featuring William Henry Harrison, the U.S. motto appears on the coin’s face.

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