Carrie Prejean doesn't speak for me

I am a rock, I am an island, I am a Christian, Conservative Feminist. That’s right I said it, a Christian, Conservative Feminist. I am a woman who realizes that it hasn’t been long since women have been able to vote. I am a woman who realizes that I still don’t make the same amount of money as my male counterpart. I am a woman who realizes that I have the right to be a full time mother even if liberal feminists mock me for doing so. I am a woman that realizes that being a mother is a full time job and that if I choose to become a mother it is my duty to be the best one I can be, and that cannot be done part time. I am a woman that realizes that if I so choose I can work in the professional world and that I have the same right to be there as a man. I am a woman who believes that I am more than what I look like, that I do not have to sexualize myself to get where I want to go. That said, I’ve been very disappointed that Conservatives have chosen to champion former Miss California Carrie Prejean. Regnery Publishing, a Conservative book publisher, is even publishing a book by her called “Still Standing”…

I as a conservative woman, applaud Ms. Prejean for stating her beliefs. I do not applaud her for objectifying herself and being rewarded for how she looks. Conservatives, and Conservative Christians especially, that hold her up as a representative for family values are actually doing a disservice to the Conservative movement. I cannot be the only Conservative, Christian female that sees the hypocrisy in Ms. Prejeans’ answer and subsequent championing by the Conservative movement.

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