Hurry up, Mr. President

I sympathize with our president, because sending men and women into harm’s way is the most difficult decision that a commander-in-chief must make. However, Americans are already serving in harm’s way in Afghanistan, and the sooner we can provide the reinforcements and resources they need, the safer and more successful they will be. So I am urging President Obama to move as quickly as possible to fully support Gen. McChrystal’s request for more troops.

It is true that the Afghan government is not as strong or credible as we would like, but that should not deter us from committing more civilian and military resources now. Local governments in counterinsurgency environments are usually weak and fledgling. There is an insurgency in the first place because it seeks to exploit the local population’s dissatisfaction with its government. As long as Afghanistan is insecure, it is unreasonable to assume that governance will improve…

Ultimately, Afghans will judge the legitimacy of their government not only by the result of one round of voting, but by its performance in delivering basic services.

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