Hillary in 2016?

Al Gore came as close as anyone. “If I had to do it all again, I’d just let it rip,” he reportedly told about 60 of his top fundraisers in 2002. But he could not do it again. He did not want to be another Adlai Stevenson. John Kerry also wanted one more chance. But he too realized his chance had passed.

Clinton is different. She never ran a general election campaign. Therefore she does not have to live down mistakes. In fact, Clinton’s profile appears stronger for her bid. She proved her endurance and capacity to win votes. Importantly, she still is seen as presidential.

A Fox News poll in September found that 27 percent of Americans believe if “Clinton had won the election” she would “be doing a better” job as president. Another 25 percent said she would be doing as well as Obama.

More than half of the country, and even half of Democrats, views Clinton as the president’s equal or better. And Clinton likely agrees.

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