Enough with the "man up, Obama" op-eds, liberals

I for one am sick of reading the “Man Up, Barack” editorial, which is then regurgitated by friends and neighbors as if they were the sole authors of this retread banality. Invariably, the person suggesting that Mr. Obama man up thinks of himself as a tough-as-nails hombre. In reality, they are usually the kinds of people who send their kids to Oberlin College, swoon over Andrea Bocelli, and think Jimmy Carter was a macho man. Teamsters they are not…

In demanding that the president man up and do the will of the people—as defined by last night’s polls—critics are insisting that the president dance with the one who brung him. Well, he is dancing with the one who brung him. Barack Obama got elected president in large part because an awful lot of blue-collar Democrats in Pennsylvania and Ohio and the border states voted for him. He didn’t get elected simply because of liberals in Malibu and Massachusetts. So, in reality, Mr. Obama already has manned up. He’s told the left wing of the Democratic Party that he’s running the show, not them. Not comfortable with that? Go blog about it.

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