The day after Israel hits Iran

The U.S. Air Force F-22 Raptor, the world’s best fighter, will be needed and can make a huge difference. Hopefully, F-22s can be immediately on station over Iraq, Afghanistan and every other high value Middle East target. Do we have enough?

Naval air power from aircraft carrier strikes groups will have their hands full protecting sea lines of communication. Mine warfare will be a huge challenge because insurance companies may shut down their tanker clients until mines are swept. Allied navies and the U.S. Navy also will have to neutralize a significant Iranian cruise missile threat, many of which were supplied by China.

Do the United States and our NATO allies have enough troops in Iraq and Afghanistan to beat back an Iranian-instigated ground attack using whatever fanatical forces they can mobilize? The number of these forces is anyone’s guess because Iran can pull the trigger on a lot of fanatics, including mobilizing its terrorist clients, Hezbollah and Hamas.

So the day after an IAF strike there is the potential need for enough U.S. military forces to engage the fight simultaneously both with conventional and unconventional forces. How long this will go on is a great unknown.

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