Social networking: It's come to this

It has been said before that an era of lifelogging, in which people will record and broadcast their daily lives, is on the way. But this time it might happen – people are already capturing many things about their lives and sharing them via social networking sites. The launch of the new camera and new research from Microsoft suggest people are ready to take the final steps.

Like so many other things, lifelogging has been pioneered by people who take it to the extreme. Steve Mann, a professor of electrical engineering at the University of Toronto in Canada, started capturing video using a helmet camera in the 1970s. By the mid 1990s he was broadcasting his every move and vital signs online.

The founder of broadcast his whole life for a while using a baseball-cap camera. Meanwhile Canadian film-maker Rob Spence is attempting to fit a wireless video camera into his prosthetic eye.

The upcoming ViconRevue pendant camera looks like it will offer an easier way to do much the same thing.

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