Important question of the day: What are Obama's pet peeves?

Some are easy to identify with. As White House senior adviser David Axelrod puts it, the president dislikes it when “folks try to get him to wear baseball gear for teams other than the White Sox.”

Other issues are related to the schedule and scrutiny of living in presidential bubble. He doesn’t like to miss his daily workout, which usually takes place in the morning or before an evening event. “If there’s no workout time, he’ll get a little upset,” said one senior aide who has worked with Obama for more than four years…

Obama also confessed recently that one of his biggest pet peeves is what he calls “the shine police” — aides and makeup artists who powder his face before he does television. “You notice that even before this interview, they constantly want to powder my nose and forehead and it’s never enough — that I find quite irritating,” Obama told The Associated Press.