Feminist hawks unite!

So, I wrote to Sister David Horowitz to congratulate him. Among other things, I said:

“They praise you (but not Jamie, who has written many, many pieces about the abuse of women) in a back-handed kind of way, conceding that Frontpage has certainly covered the feminist waterfront, but attribute your success to…the internet! Not to your conviction or principle.”

David immediately responded. He said “I think the term ‘feminist hawk’ is a gift and you should embrace it. Think about it. If you’re a feminist dove, you’re a feminine weak sister — not really a feminist. ”

Well, he is absolutely right.

Conservatives: Don’t gloat too soon. For starters: The hardcopy version of Commentary Magazine publishes very few women (except as novelists, short story writers, or book reviewers). Misogyny is well ensconced on both the hard, anti-Hillary left and the hard anti-feminist right. Stay tuned.