Summertime for Hitler

Invocations of Hitler usually mean two things: one, a poverty of imagination, and two, a paucity of good arguments. It is nearly axiomatic that any protest against government action will feature Hitler in some form. Left and right are equally guilty. Trivializing such evil is an insult to the memory of millions who suffered and died by his order, as well as to the intelligence of all sentient beings…

One may reasonably oppose, on the merits, the views that Frank and the Democrats hold on health care — and plenty of informed people do. But when Frank is tossed into the ring with a Hitler-wielding instigator, he looks the sage from Vesuvius, and his opponents escapees from the asylum.

Given the choice of company, which would you prefer?

Never mind whether any of the rabble-rousers would be known were it not for the ever-present cameras and microphones. Would they have performed as they did — yelling and aping — had there been no one on hand to record their antics?

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