I used to like Meghan McCain

Meghan is building a “look at me, I’m such a hip badass” platform, lobbing insults at pundits to prove she’s just as edgy as her father. But didn’t her father earn his reputation by reaching across the aisle to both sides, not just sending love letters to the competition?

The blond muppet courageously took on the forces of hate mongering on the “View.” What about her hate mongering? Meghan addressing Cheney and Rove: “You had your eight years, now go away.”…

Not once does the Arizona gal offer up any substance on policy. She never weighs in on the health care debate, fiscal responsibility, or Hillary’s African outburst. She never quite explains why she is a Republican, only why she hates them. Something tells me she doesn’t really know.

Pundits, unfortunately, aren’t elected. It’s the media — hardly a sympathetic voice — who decides that Meghan McCain is a legitimate Republican voice. She’s not. She’s the sales girl at Top Shop, imbecilic, catty and naive.