The anger is real

Sandra feels it.

“Angst about health care is real because people are just anxious in general. They don’t have jobs, and those who do are worried about losing them. They’re saying, ‘Holy crap, I’ve got $10,000 on my credit card, and you’re talking about change? Guess what, dude, I can’t handle any more change right now.'”…

Here’s how a Florida real estate appraiser summed up the zeitgeist: “People don’t believe the politicians or the government stats when they know five couples who are losing their house and cars. . . . Basically, it’s a total disconnect from government, and government cannot influence their decisions unless they give them money, yet every giveaway reinforces their lack of faith.”

The town hall protests may be orchestrated, but nobody had to manufacture the anger on display. With unemployment at 9.4 percent, the dog days are beginning to feel like the dogs of war.

Congress and Obama might want to take note.

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