Stop whining about protests, baby boomers. You're just as bad.

Those of us who grew up in the 1960s took great pride in storming events and yelling slogans. We didn’t care who we interrupted. We were, in our minds, right and proud and arguing for our beliefs. And we look back on that era now with a certain pride. We were engaged. We were involved. We gave a damn.

Well, some of us are the same people now offended by critics shouting, “Socialism!” or, “Kill the bill!” at these town hall meetings. We chide the protesters for lacking all the facts or for looking out for only their small group’s interests.

But ask yourself, did we always have all the information when we did the shouting? Did we always read all the fine print? Probably not. We had our basic core beliefs (Stop the war! Save the environment! More rights for women!) and we fought for them whenever we perceived an enemy…

And so they yell. And if they are yelling incorrect facts, it is the burden of those hosting these events (usually Democratic lawmakers) to correct them.

And if they are yelling they hate it, they don’t want it — well, what’s wrong with that?

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