Obama's eugenicist: John Holdren and Harrison Brown

Does all of this amount to nothing more than “guilt by association”? Perhaps. That’s up to you the reader to decide. But consider this: If someone had expressed his deep admiration for Mein Kampf, and in fact edited and co-wrote a volume which spelled out in elaborate detail just how wonderful Mein Kampf was as a book, would you want that person to control science and technology policy in the United States? Probably not. But that too would be just “guilt by association,” since this putative person wouldn’t have actually written Mein Kampf; he would merely have praised the book and its author. And if you think that’s an unfair analogy, I dare you to read the passages from The Challenge of Man’s Future below and you’ll see that in certain respects Mein Kampf seems mild by comparison.

So there you have it: The Science Czar of the United States based his entire worldview on and continues to highly praise someone who was an unreconstructed eugenicist, and whose totalitarianistic philosophy is unacceptable in the modern world.

Are you OK with that?

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