So, how's that UN resolution to disarm Hezbollah working out?

The militant group now has up to 40,000 rockets, according to Israeli intelligence estimates, and is training its forces to use ground-to-ground missiles capable of hitting Tel Aviv…

The scale of Hizbollah’s new arsenal was revealed after an explosion at an ammunition bunker in the village of Khirbet Slim, 12 miles from the Israeli border, last month.

Surveillance footage obtained by the newspaper showed Hizbollah fighters trying to salvage rockets and munitions from the site.

Alain Le Roy, the head of UN peacekeeping operations, told the Security Council that the explosion amounted to a serious violation of UN Resolution 1701, which imposed a ceasefire and arms ban after the war…

“Hizbollah has not only replaced the munitions but upgraded their missiles,” Danny Ayalon, the Deputy Israeli Foreign Minister, said. “They are bragging now that they can hit Tel Aviv.”

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